Author: Rifka Bose /

Boom…crash…and the lights go out...I almost sprang out of my chair!

Is it the generator or the final revolt of the rain gods, venting out its fury to this outrageous heat?

Well, the latter is what it is…I heard it again.

I look out to see the trees prancing in the wind, while the wind blows various sounds, some quite eerie I might say; more like ghosts telling me their evening itinerary.

However, the sweet fragrance of wet soil surrounds me and I look up to see the dark grey Nimbus clouds swaying by.

It’s here....i can sense the monsoons on hand!

How I love this time of the year where all the trees and plants get their annual bath and glisten in the morning sun. This sudden burst of new colour is so pleasing to the eyes.

I guess all the prayers to the rain Gods have worked :)


Author: Rifka Bose /

Why is it that there is more than meets the eye; why do i feel that something is amiss..
Is it just me or something I don't see...

The underlying sensation that whirls in my tummy, makes me think and wonder, is it a foreboding of troubled waters or a germ in my tummy...

Why this restlessness and uneasiness...i hate these premonitions, why don't they just go away and leave me to my loneliness.