31st December 2009

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The end, or the beginning or nothing at all....I have always wondered the significance of the New Year. Probably for us mortals, just another reason for hope and something to look forward to, for some to set goals and make resolutions but for me, it’s just another day...a day to just reflect on a time gone by and also to gear myself for a brand new day yet again. So instead of a “new year” i believe its important to celebrate “a new day” everyday :)

Moving away from my cynical best, i must admit that the Gregorian calendar does help us document our lives as books with 365 or 366 pages. My 27th book of 2009 has been quite dramatic, with many twists and turns.

I have found and i have lost, i have wept and laughed till tears fill my eyes. I have soared and i have plunged into nothingness all in my book of 2009!
When i look back and flip through the pages of my life i truly amaze myself and wonder how i have withstood this roller coaster ride of emotions. I guess it’s the unseen force, my guardian angels and the hope of a new day that tags me along...

So long 2009 for all you have taught me...and all I have experienced...

"Comfort Zones"

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Don't we all have "our comfort zones" .... we are all snug in that cocoon...but is it really worth it?

Something i found through a friend....

"One has to embrace life like a lover
One has to accept pain as a condition of existence
One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing
One needs a will stubborn in conflict but apt always to total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying
That's what escaping "comfort zones" is all about - to abandon altogether the search for security and reach out to the risk of living with both arms."

Letting go

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How hard is it to let go? What is it really that we are letting go of...our feelings, our emotions or an unseen cord that binds us to people or situations...

Losing a loved one is the hardest emotion to deal with...yet life around me seems to go on in the same humdrum manner....why is letting go so hard....why cant this feeling be gone with a blink of an eyelid? why?


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Death is a door from one plain to another where the burden of the flesh does not require repair and the spirit like a white dove soars or plunges without fear...

Chick Flicks!

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I'm not really a movie buff but these chick flicks sure lift my spirits....i've watched a few in the past few months....ghosts of a girlfriends past, the ugly truth and the last was 27 dresses on star movies...

It just leaves me like i'm walking in the clouds :) I wouldn't mind being swept away by this handsome guy, or being proposed to in a hot air balloon, or even given this huge diamond solitaire...

Aren't we women so predictable at times....don't we all love that attention and fuss!!

I really love that warm fuzzy feeling i get at the base of my heart after watching a chick flick :)

My first post... (22 Oct 09)

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I still can't believe that i am writing my very own post of my blog and that my friend actually convinced to me start my own blog!

Here i was blissfully unaware of owning a bit of my own webspace and quite content may i add...but i guess i have finally joined the bandwagon...

I honestly have never explored the possibility of writing random stuff even though i boast being a good instructional designer :)...though that's work...

I intend to write stuff off the top of my head and hope to surprise myself in the process too...

Welcome to my space!