An Uphill Task

Author: Rifka Bose /

I have always wanted to go trekking but somehow never got down to doing it. Caught up in the usual humdrum of life and a list of never ending chores!

Finally, i made it to the fort i have been meaning to trek for ages... Lohgad. This fort is still intact and was built about 2500 years ago! Now which builder would give us that kind of a guarantee!!

The whole experience of walking through the rambling hills, lush green all around, wild flowers bouncing in the breeze, each one telling its own story and of course, the scorpion’s tail standing tall at a distance.

The scorpion’s tail also known as Vinchukata is a significant part of the fort. The 360 degree view from here is breathtaking where one can see the Pavana on one side and the Indrayani on the other.

However, from the base of the village, where i was at, it seemed like a herculean task and i wondered if i would really make it up there, 3500 ft high!!

But guess what, I did. A feat accomplished. Something I thought I’d never be able to do. So i guess the moral of the story is to always push yourself beyond that threshold point and surprise yourself, like i did.