Power of a Memory

Author: Rifka Bose /

It was a blistering hot day. "She" sat there dazed, looking through the glass panels and scorching heat piercing through every crevice in sight. Despite the blazing heat "she" felt a cold spot within her. What could it be "she" wondered! Then came by a bright yellow golden oriole and in a second the view from the window was so appealing. That little golden spot wasn't only a sight for sore eyes but was also an instant reminder of some great holidays "she" had been on in the yester years. The memories of first sighting this golden burst in the early morning mist in the interiors of a jungle. "She" was dazed again, and kind of set back in that time. What a lovely time indeed. Suddenly the little yellow bird flew away. "She" snapped back into the moment and realised she had regressed into a time that no longer existed. Once again the gloom of the present hurled itself at "she" and the cold spot within her started spreading more. "She" was quite perplexed to observe that though "she" was dazed all along...the sight of the bird stopped the cold within her from growing and as soon as the bird flew away "she" was back at square one. The power of a memory can move mountains!